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Worth More Alive Campaign

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On August 17, 2022, WCP, DNPW, and the Zambian Airports Corporation Limited launched the “Worth More Alive” campaign.

This initiative aimed to combat wildlife trafficking at international airports in Zambia by deploying life-size animal sculptures and informative posters. The installations were designed to educate travelers about the significance of Zambia’s wildlife, the importance of its protection, and the legal consequences for offenders. Additionally, the campaign equipped the public with knowledge on how to identify and report suspected wildlife crimes to the appropriate authorities.

More than just an airport adornment, the “Worth More Alive” campaign embodies the timeless principles imparted by our forefathers. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, the airport’s namesake, fervently advocated for wildlife conservation. He championed sustainable natural resource management to enhance the well-being of communities.

Dr. Kaunda’s legacy includes his advocacy for the establishment of Chongololo clubs, which aimed to instill conservation values in Zambian youth. Like those clubs, the “Worth More Alive” campaign signifies a commitment to every Zambian’s welfare.