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Conservation Careers Fair

Since 2018, WCP has been facilitating the Zambian Conservation Careers Fair (CCF). It is through this initiative that WCP brings together various representatives from the conservation sector to demonstrate to young, educated Zambians that conservation is a rewarding and viable career path to take.

CCF aims at cultivating an environment more conducive to participation by young Zambians, who are the future of conservation in our country. It promotes Zambian involvement in this developing conservation industry which is vital for a sustainable economy.

Over 50 conservation organisations working in Zambia attend the fair, providing information about potential employment opportunities to over 1,000 jobseekers comprising undergraduate, graduate and other participants. Motivational talks from conservationists and other influencers help participants learn more about the sector. Employment agencies provide recruitment advice such as CV writing, interview skills and how to best position themselves for the roles that interest them.