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Our Projects

This is Not A Game Campaign

WCP, in partnership with DNPW, supports Zambia’s first behaviour-change campaign targeting the illegal bushmeat trade.

Conservation Careers Fair

WCP Zambia facilitates an annual Conservation Careers Fair (CCF) in Zambia. Starting in 2018, it is now hugely popular with job seekers.

Pangolin Rehab and Release

Together with DNPW, Wildlife Crime Prevention (WCP) assists in the seizure of pangolins from illegal trade nationwide.

Women for Conservation

WCP Zambia’s Women for Conservation initiative provides an inclusive network for all women who are interested in wildlife conservation in Zambia to meet, share ideas and support each other.

Worth More Alive Campaign

WCP, DNPW, and the Zambian Airports Corporation Limited launched the "Worth More Alive" campaign. This initiative aimed to combat wildlife trafficking at international airports in Zambia.

Environmental Crime Journalism Fellowship

The Environmental Crime Journalism Fellowship fellowship aims to raise awareness and promote insightful reporting on environmental crimes.