Join Wildlife Crime Prevention in celebrating World Rhino Day

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When Zambia gained independence our country had the third largest black rhino population in Africa, with over 12,000 animals. Three decades later every last one of these rhinos was gone and rhinos were declared extinct in Zambia.

The loss of our rhinos serves as a reminder of just how high the stakes are. However there is hope as the Department of National Parks & Wildlife along with its partners have managed to successfully reintroduce some rhinos into protected areas in Zambia. They now work tirelessly to protect these vital animals.

While not a single rhino has been killed in Zambia for over a decade, Zambia is increasingly becoming an important player in the global rhino horn trade. This year alone there have been three documented cases of rhino horn entering our borders illegally. Most illegally traded rhino horn is destined for China and Vietnam where it is erroneously believed to be a cure for numerous ailments and is increasingly used as a status symbol by Asia’s elite.

In Zambia the illegal possession of trophies such as Elephant Ivory and Rhino Horn is punishable with sentences of between 5 and 10 years imprisonment with no option of a fine under the Zambia Wildlife Act, no. 14 of 2015

Today, 22 September is a day of reflection and renewed commitment to preserving our precious heritage for our economy, ecology and for future generations.

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