Wildlife Criminal Justice Programme

WCP supports DNPW and the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) in wildlife crime prosecutions primarily by following and assisting with high profile wildlife criminal cases where necessary. The WCJ focuses primarily in Lusaka but also reaches out to areas across the country. The WCJ programme provides technical and logistical assistance where needed to wildlife crime cases. WCP has a team of 6 trained law graduates who offer technical and logistical support to prosecutors handling wildlife crime cases.

WCP works to develop the capacity of wildlife law enforcement officers through various workshops and training. Judicial engagement in Zambia’s wildlife crime prosecutions is also encouraged through various meetings and workshops with Zambia’s Judiciary.
WCP is currently working to develop variety of resource material for use by wildlife law enforcement including a Rapid Reference Guide to aid the prosecution of wildlife crimes for prosecutors and investigators.

The WCJ program has been supported by the Tusk Trust, The Wildcat Foundation, Stadler Family Foundation, WoodTiger Foundation, Vulcan’s Paul G. Allen Foundation and Wildlife Conservation Network and Save the Elephants’ Elephant Crisis Fund.