Supporting DNPW Investigations and Intelligence Units (IIUs)

Supporting the DNPW Investigations and Intelligence Units (IIUs) nationally, around key protected areas, transport routes and border areas.

WCP has been working to support DNPW’s Intelligence and Investigations Units (IIU) to provide support to IIUs nationally. The main goal of WCP is to support IIUs in towns, cities and borders and coordinate closely with key DNPW personnel and NGOs working within National Parks in Zambia and along key transit routes of the illegal wildlife trade in country and cross border. Based centrally in Zambia’s capital city, Lusaka, WCP supports 17 DNPW IIUs nationally, 8 conservation NGOs in Zambia, operating in 9 protected areas and ecosystems, and key government and NGO partners in Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Namibia.  

Thanks to the invaluable support of our funding partners WCP is able to support DNPW IIUs in their efforts to combat wildlife crime. WCP works to enhance DNPW’s capacity through training, equipment, technical and resource support.

WCP support of the IIUs is funded by Wildlife Conservation Network and Save The Elephants’  Elephant Crisis Fund and Vulcan’s Paul G. Allen Foundation.